VoIP Benefits – Cost Saving

The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving
potential. When we move away from public switched telephone networks,
long-distance phone calls become inexpensive. Instead of being processed across
conventional commercial telecommunications line configurations, voice traffic
travels on the Internet or over private data network lines.
For the enterprise, VoIP reduces cost for equipment, lines,
manpower, and maintenance. All of an organization’s voice and data traffic is
integrated into one physical network, bypassing the need for separate PBX tie
lines. Although there is a significant initial setup cost, significant net
savings can result from managing only one network and not needing to sustain a
legacy telephony system in an increasingly digital and data-centered world. 
Also, the network administrator’s burden may be lessened as they can now focus
on a single network. There is no longer a need for several teams to manage a
data network and another to manage a voice network. For consumers, VoIP reduces
the charge of subscription or usage, especially for long distance and
international calls.

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