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JKS :: Solutions
All of the solutions JKS provides are centered around business and supported by technology. Our solutions are derived from technological best practices, sound business sense, and time-tested experience gained from delivering business improvement through technology. We are partners with major manufacturers in computing, telephony and security. We can design and implement a custom solution and support it as your business grows.
Please visit our Cisco SMB Showcase.
Voice over IP
VOIP is a technology that is quickly becoming a standard of voice communication, gaining in dependability and quality. We can implement a VoIP system that meets your scope and budget and helps you reduce telecommunications cost while providing more flexibility to your phone needs.
Windows Servers/Desktops
A crucial part of any business is keeping your knowledge workers supplied with uninterrupted access to the information that drives your business. Our expertise here means you aren't likely to come up with a problem here that we haven't already solved.
Virtualization Environments
Implementing a virtual environment gives customers a great deal of flexibility and dependability in their computing systems, while making them easier to maintain, organize, and upgrade. Using virtualized environments to consolidate existing physical servers, and contain the growth of new servers is a cost effective way to get more value from less hardware.
Today, it is critical to safeguard your business technologically. At JKS, we have the knowledge and resources to keep your network safe by enforcing strong security practices, hardware and software, and helping you to maintain an edge against malicious attacks. In the evolving business world, where the edge of your network may extend beyond your physical workplace, it is important to implement security that encompasses all facets of messaging, network, and computing in order to keep your data safe.
Mobile Solutions
No matter where you are, JKS has a mobile device solution to keep you productive. Blackberry and PDA systems can be scaled to meet your needs.
Alert Projects