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JKS :: Services
The assortment of services offered by JKS Systems is a reflection of our unique breadth of knowledge— If you have a problem, we can help you solve it. At JKS, we are proud of our ability to implement the newest technology available. We can offer you the best possible options to keep your systems ahead of the curve in your industry, so that you can be confident in the integrity of your business infrastructure. Some of our most commonly requested services are as follows:
Staff Augmentation :: Long Term
When you have a high visibility project that requires skill sets you and your people may not have, you can depend on JKS to provide a knowledgeable professional who will assist you and implement your project, your way, and on time.
Staff Augmentation :: Short Term
Some projects, despite their business value, require more time and attention than you and your staff can devote. Allow JKS to provide you with the capability to bolster your workforce when necessary.
Project Management
When the scope of a project exceeds a company's resources to deliver, it makes sense to confer with professionals who have done it successfully before. Let a specialist from JKS help you define your project to get it right the first time.

Once a project is defined, you can depend on your JKS specialist to follow through, working with you and other vendors as required to deliver the right solution, on time and within your budget. Additionally, we strive to pass on the knowledge supporting the project to our customers so that efficiency is improved after implementation.
Remote System Administration
One of the benefits of using JKS as a business technology partner is our rapid response time. By taking advantage of remote systems administration, you have the advantage of an on-site systems administrator only when you need one.
Alert Projects