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JKS :: Methodology
The JKS methodology can be distilled into four areas. This approach have been proven to create a successful technology implementation for our customers that will increases business efficiency, improve response times to your customers, and make a business more profitable.
The first step in our process is to determine our clients' specifications, requirements and boundaries, weighing options based on what is important to the customer and choosing a solution that works.
Once we reach a decision, the next step is to design in detail how a project will be built, distributed, customized, and integrated, with a clear indication of the time, cost, and impact we can expect.
JKS will implement the solution in a manner that minimizes disruption to your current systems and achieves a successful outcome.
Even after a system is put in place, we will work with you to develop a process of maintenance and management that is as efficient and hands-free as possible. JKS does not abandon a project once it is completed; we will assume responsibility for all stages of our solution's life cycle.
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