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4 Major Benefits of Zone Cabling
Zone cabling supports convergence of data and voice networks, wireless (Wi-Fi) device up-link connections, and a wide range of sensors, control panels, and detectors for lighting, security, and other building communications.
1.      Flexible Infrastructure: Zone cabling is a highly flexible infrastructure that is ideally suited for the convergence of voice, data, wireless, and building device applications over one managed network.
2.      Easy deployment of devices and apps: Furthermore, outlets serving voice/data, wireless, and building device connections can be conveniently combined within one SCP. Zone cabling solutions support rapid reorganization of work areas and equipment and simplify deployment of new devices and applications.
3.      Cost Reduction: With this type of infrastructure, moves, adds, and changes (MACs) are less costly, faster to implement, and less disruptive6 because changes are limited to the cabling segment between the SO/TO and SCP instead of the entire length of horizontal cabling.
4.      Quick Implementation: In addition, zone cabling designs allow the option of deploying factory preterminated and tested trunking cables to support quick implementation, performance exceeding field terminations, and reduced field testing times.
**JKS is partnered with Siemon.
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