JKS Collaboration Solutions – Cisco BYOD

What BYOD does

• Provide more work options-Give employees the flexibility to work where and when they want.

• Strengthen security-Reduce your employees’ risk of introducing malware or losing sensitive data.

• Streamline operations- Decrease company expenditures, alleviate work delays, and lower operating costs.

• Help your staff get more done-Improve collaboration and productivity with greater speed and efficiency.


How you can use it

• Education-Allow students and teachers to complete their tasks on any device while protecting their data.

• Healthcare-Give doctors and administrators access to patient data and help them do their jobs efficiently.

• Retail-Keep stockrooms fully stocked, sales staff informed, and customers knowledgeable.

• Hospitality-Give guests the comfort of home. Allow them to use their devices on a highly secure connection.


What’s inside

• Access points-Cisco is dedicated to delivering the world’s most versatile and reliable wireless network. We offer advanced indoor, outdoor and industrial wireless access points. 

• Wireless LAN controllers- controllers support small and large network deployments with flexible models, including new virtualization options. 

• Dynamic policy control- The Cisco Identity Services Engine enables you to control all access throughout the network from one place. You can see and share rich user and device details, and stop and contain threats.

• Highly secure mobility- Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is a lightweight endpoint agent with extensive capabilities. It provides remote access while protecting your data.

• Cisco Catalyst Multi-gigabit Switching

• Wireless services


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