The Convergence of IT Security and Physical Access Control

Numerous concurrent impacts have driven associations to connect the generally isolate areas of physical and IT security with a specific end goal to discover a way to deal with clients’ personalities and get to by means of a solitary certification. These impacts incorporate an expansion in the event of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) around the world, and additionally a reduction in the control of IT resources because of authorized and unsanctioned BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) reception. Furthermore, numerous representatives have become tired of being required to convey more than one gadget and to keep up various passwords, also tying-up costly assist work area assets with replacing and reset these gadgets and passwords.

An essential advantage of merging is that it empowers endeavors to influence their current certification venture to make a completely interoperable, multi-layered security arrangement crosswise over organization systems, frameworks and entryways.

A converged identity/access control system can replace one-time password (OTP) tokens and key fobs with a single card or smartphone, negating the need for users to carry multiple devices or re-key OTPs to gain access to all the physical and IT resources they need. In addition this increased convenience for users, this type of overarching solution can reduce long-terms costs associated with the maintenance of multiple access solutions, while allowing for increased security at the same time. 

The ability to combine access control for physical and IT resources on a single device that can be used for multiple applications improves user convenience while increasing security and reducing deployment and operational costs. It will eliminate the need for separate processes for separately provisioning and enrolling IT and PACS identities. Instead, it will be possible to apply a unified set of workflows to a single set of managed identities for organizational convergence. Organizations will be able to seamlessly secure access to physical buildings and IT resources, such as computers, networks, data, and cloud applications. 


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