Code Blue – Alerting the Masses

Code Blue’s aware winning mass notification systems can proficiently and adequately react when a circumstance happens, bringing about an element multilayered arrangement that rapidly illuminates and guides you amid a crisis. Code Blue emergency communication solutions offer incident deterrence and management which reduces security expenses and helps create a safer environment.

Choose the layers that are fitting for your business:

  • Code Blue phones
  • Desktop Alerts
  • Digital Signs
  • Email
  • Text
  • Social Media
  • Public Address

Mass notification systems are also extremely useful in non-emergency situations. Organizations can send warnings to all employees simultaneously about new procedures, company meetings, notices about building construction, or simply helpful tips, for example. Schools can send warnings to all students and guardians in case of a bad weather closure. Mass travel frameworks, for example, transports or trams can send notices about changes in courses or terminations.

JKS is partnered with Code Blue and can provide and install mass notification systems for your business!


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