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Datto NAS is a brilliant, adaptable system attached storage platform, centrally managed and ensured by the safe Datto Cloud. Effortlessly share documents and folders on the local network and imitate NAS depictions to the Datto Cloud with no additional infrastructure investment. Store more locally, secure it, and back it up to the Cloud forever with our Infinite Cloud Protection choice.

Datto NAS features Inverse Chain Technology, which guarantees quick, adaptable reestablishes and proficient Cloud stockpiling for every reinforcement. Datto NAS gives neighborhood essential stockpiling to simple document sharing, and Cloud-based depictions can be utilized to reestablish lost devices. This implies, if there is add up to loss of information, a reinforcement duplicate is accessible for a considerable length of time, months or years. Whether you’ve lost a document or a whole volume, Datto NAS recovers your business records, quick.

Datto NAS furnishes organizations with an adaptable, arrange addressable storage gadget. Regularly utilized as a typical area for sharing documents or reinforcement focus on, it’s anything but difficult to actualize and utilize. Simply plug it into the network, configure it to meet your needs, and all of the data stored on that Datto NAS will be readily available locally, backed up to the Cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario.

New Source of Revenue

With Datto NAS, an oversaw benefit supplier can be up and running with another item offering in minutes. With small preparing, Datto NAS can be introduced and moving down client information – and gaining income – rapidly. Moved down by Datto’s honor winning center advancements, administration and support, another wellspring of month to month repeating income is only a telephone summon.

One Single Platform

Datto NAS is single incorporated platform that gives totally ensured arrange storage. This implies there are no unpredictable combinations, no extra items, no profound setups required. This provides you with a single integrated solution so that you can stop wasting time knitting things together and get back to growing your business.

Basic Fleet Management

For those with more than one device to manage, Datto gives the Partner Portal, a solitary coordinated place to go to deal with all Datto devices.


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